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Eagles Rugby Summer Session

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Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States because of its fun action packed experience and a strong vibrant community.  Rugby has many forms from full contact to touch.  Due to the corona virus we will only be offering non contact touch, skills and fitness training for our summer season. Players will be in training bubbles of no more that 12 athletes and we will abide by USA rugby and state guidelines.  It is important for our physical and mental health to maintain fitness and a sense of community and this summer program will allow players to do both in a safe and socially distanced manner.

COVID Response with Eagles Rugby
How will Eagles adapt to the pandemic?

Eagles rugby will not continue to play full contact rugby and therefore we will alter our practice to be a more fitness based and skills orientated program. Short games of none contact touch rugby will be included where players release the ball when their shorts are touched by an opponent to simulate being tackled in the traditional game. This will prevent any face to face contact and greatly reduce any chances for the virus to spread. We will reduce the number of players on a team from 15 to 6, further reduce the exposure among our coaches and players. Players will be split into small groups and will stay with one coach for the entire practice instead of rotating coaches in stations.

What will we do to keep people safe?

To help prevent coronavirus we are taking all the necessary measures introduced by USA rugby and the CDC.

•We will have clorox wipes for all equipment cleaned after every drill.

•Mandatory hand washing followed by hand sanitizer during practice.

•Mask wearing being strictly enforced off the field and by the coaches.

•Coaches will perform temperature checks on all players and coaches using a non contact thermometer before practices. Players will be required to report any covid symptoms and will be asked to remain at home for two weeks from that time.

• Players will be divided into smaller groups of 12 or less.

•Social distancing will be implemented off the field with players being required to stay six feet apart and wear a mask and to avoid unnecessary small talk.

•Parents and spectators will be requested to not attend practices where possible but if they choose to do so they will be required to remain six feet apart and wear a mask at all times.

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