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Southborough Schools Facilities Use Rules

The following rules apply to Southborough Youth Basketball Organization using
the School property at the Town of Southborough

• All trash must be placed in proper receptacles.
• No Food or Drinks in gyms (Water Only allowed)
• Basketball shoes must be worn in gyms.
• There is NO Alcohol or tobacco allowed on Town owned property.
• The Town of Southborough carries NO Medical Insurance for Users of its facilities.
Users participate at their own risk of injury.
• Cancellation of permit can occur at any time if deemed in the best interest of the Town of
• Participants and spectators are expected to leave the facility immediately following each
activity whether or not another event is immediately scheduled.
• No dribbling, ball playing, running, screaming, or horsing around outside of the gym
• Custodial staff will unlock the appropriate doors within 15 minutes prior to the schedule
• Please do not drop off your child more than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled practice
• Custodial staff is always willing to work with Recreation and residents but their jobs do
not allow them to be as flexible as we expect. During the first few practices, (week of
Dec 2nd to Dec 12), custodial staff will be available to show coaches how to adjust the
hoops, stands and curtains for future practices. SYBA scheduler will send in requests for
hoop adjustments for game days.
• A 24 hour notice is required for coaches to email the Recreation Office if a group does
not plan to attend their scheduled practice. Please email notifications to
• If after 11am on the day of your practice and you have a last minute cancellation, the
coach is responsible for calling the recreation office and the appropriate school to leave a
  • ? Recreation - 508-229-4452
  • Finn – 508-485-3176 ext 109
  • Woodward – 508-229-1250 ext 110
  • Neary - 508-481-2300 ext 1107
  • Trottier – 508-485-2400 ext 178
If coaches cannot place a courtesy call when they are not going to show, Southborough
Recreation will be forced to implement a policy of “No Show – Lose a Practice”

Failure to comply may jeopardize the use of the facilities for you and the organization

Thank you
Southborough Recreation